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When's the last time you threw out food? 

Most of us do it all the time, wasting an average of $120 worth of groceries every month. On a larger scale, we waste about one-third of the food produced each year, or about 1.3 billion tons of food. We're using up valuable resources like water and farmland and increasing greenhouse gas emissions to make food that no one is eating. At the same time, 1 in 7 Americans doesn't have regular access to food. 

Food waste is a big problem. So what can you do about it? 

We're here to help you cook all the food you buy. Instead of throwing food out,  you'll eat better, become a more flexible and creative cook, and save a bunch of money. And with 43% of food waste happening in homes - we might be able to help save the planet too. 

Join us in making delicious feasts out of food you might otherwise waste. You can search by food categories, browse recipes, or learn some useful strategies for using up the food in your kitchen. New to the idea of cooking with food waste? Learn more here...

There's so much to be made from the food you already have!

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