A Few Simple Swaps to Start Reducing the Plastic in your Life...

We've just started replacing common plastic kitchen items, especially single-use disposable items, with eco-friendly and reusable alternatives. Here are a few of our favorites.

Reusable Food Bags

I'm way into these Stasher Bags - reusable silicone bags, perfect for snacks and to pop in the freezer and use as Stock and Smoothie Bags



Reusable Straws

I'm obsessed with the feel of these Hummingbird Straws - glass straws for home and eating out (they also come in lots of fun colors and styles). There are also lots of cheaper stainless steel straw options out there if you search online. 




Reusable Shopping Bags

Produce Bags - there are a lot of reusable produce bags out there (I happened to buy these on Amazon and love them). I keep a bunch of them stashed in my reusable grocery bags in my car so they're there anytime I go shopping. They're super light, so they don't add to the produce weight, and cashiers can even scan through the mesh.  

bees wrap.jpg

Reusable Plastic Wrap

I'm a big fan of this Bee's Wrap, a natural alternative to plastic wrap. You can also make your own! I searched online for a tutorial, ordered some natural beeswax pellets, and grabbed some fabric I had in the house for a relatively simple DIY.